2/12 Music Connections

This week the children will begin the 10 o'clock hour in the sanctuary with you. When they are dismissed for Music Connections, we will move to the downstairs Bonhoeffer Room for a ukulele jam. This April, we are invited to play two songs with TruFunction! So, we'll be revisiting the instrument many times throughout the next few months and mastering some new chords. The children will return to the sanctuary for communion. Jen Walker will be our Music Connections volunteer. 

Two weeks ago, I noticed that a few children felt apprehensive and discouraged from the challenge of this instrument. Before Music Connections, I encourage you to have a family chat about overcoming challenges and perseverance. I assure you that I will work with each child to make modifications and adaptations based on their skills and abilities. This is meant to be a low pressure, fun way to learn a new accessible musical skill. As always, no one will be forced to perform, but everyone will be encouraged to participate in whatever way they are comfortable. 
Looking ahead, I will be out of town on 2/19. Marcia Beckett is on deck to lead an art experience with the children. I'll be back again on 2/26 and for all of March. 

Julie Mazer (she/her)

Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Children's Education Coordinator
Children's Music Director