Open & Affirming

It breaks our hearts that so much harm has been caused by Christianity as it relates to gender and sexuality. We seek to be part of healing these harms, beginning by creating a safe and affirming environment for all people. 

We are proud and touched that since we adopted our Open and Affirming statement in 1992 many gay, straight, and transgender children have grown up in our church knowing they are loved and affirmed by the entire congregation.

We have a gender- neutral bathroom which is also handicapped accessible near the worship hall. We know that bathrooms beyond the gender binary are important for a truly inclusive space.

Some of us are in the practice of putting our pronouns on our nametags, for example, under our name writing (she/her/hers) (they/them/theirs) (he/him/his) (she/they,) etc.

We have held vigils for Transgender Day of Remembrance and have celebrated a Pride service during the summer.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!