The best way to learn about our worship and preaching is to visit us, watch our virtual worship live, or view recordings on our YouTube channel. There are also some recordings of older worship services and sermons on our Facebook page although please notice that Facebook will also show you videos from other churches with similar names.

Downloadable Sermon Texts

Sermons are a spoken art, meant to be listened to rather than read. Pastors often improvise in the moment based on inspiration or energy in the room. These written texts are therefore imperfect representations of the moment, but they can give you an idea of the content of our sermons.

Sermons by Rev. Dr. Julia Burkey (senior pastor)

02/23/23 “Radical Hospitality: From Guest to Host”

06/12/22 “Mental Health and Spirituality”

05/08/22 “The Story of Thecla” or “The Girl Who Baptized Herself” or “Ancient Christian Bodily Autonomy”

02/20/22 “Imagination and Play”

02/13/22 “Leaven of Love”

02/06/22 “Seeds of Abundance”

01/30/22 “When the Prophets Were Children”

01/23/22 “Murmuration for Justice”

Advent 2021 November 28 – December 19. Four sermons by Rev. Dr. Julia Burkey. Active Hope, Wild Peace, Wholehearted Joy, Revolutionary Love.

09/26/21 “Sacredness of the Soul and Earth” in two parts, by Ken Pennings and Julia Burkey.

07/18/21 “Regeneration” by Julia Burkey

06/20/21 ”Celebrating Each Other: Rejoice” by Julia Burkey

05/30/21 “God of Relationships” by Julia Burkey

05/16/21 “Ascension Sunday” by Julia Burkey

05/09/21 “Moses on Mother’s Day” by Julia Burkey

05/02/21 “Joyfully Inclusive” by Julia Burkey

04/25/21 “Let Us Become Like Sheeple” by Julia Burkey

04/18/21 “Reflection” by Julia Burkey

04/04/21 “Easter” by Julia Burkey

03/28/21 “Palm Sunday” by Julia Burkey

03/21/21 “They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds” by Julia Burkey

03/07/21 “For Lent This Year, Remember The Anthropause by Julia Burkey

02/28/21 “For Lent This Year, Take A Nap” by Julia Burkey

11/01/20 “All Saints Message, Matthew 5:1-12” by Julia Burkey

10/25/20 “They Shall Be Like Trees Planted By Streams of Water” by Julia Burkey

10/18/20 “The Questions We Ask” by Julia Burkey

10/11/20 “Rejoice in the Lord… Always?” by Julia Burkey

10/04/20 “Finding God’s Yes” by Julia Burkey

Sermons by our associate pastors

05/14/23 “Christ our Mother” by Ken Pennings

01/15/23 “A Slow and Gradual Emergence into the New Year” by Ken Pennings

01/01/23 “The Slaughter of the Holy Innocents” by ken Pennings

11/27/22 “Birthing the Universe” by Ken Pennings

10/02/22 “Making Peace Through Forgiveness” by Ken Pennings

07/03/22 “The Art of Resistance” by Ken Pennings

06/26/22 “Garments of Glory” by Ken Pennings

06/05/22 “To Hear and Be Heard” by Tammy Martens

05/01/22 “Gone Fishing” by Ken Pennings

4/24/22 “Inducted into the Hall of Faith” by Tammy Martens

03/12/22 “Weeping and Lamenting” by Ken Pennings

09/12/21 “Reaping Wisdom” by Tammy Martens

06/27/21 “Make These Dry Bones Live!” by Ken Pennings

12/06/20 “Calling In” by Tammy Martens

11/29/20 “Starry Night of Wonder” by Ken Pennings

08/16/20 ”Like Joseph or His Brothers” by Ken Pennings

07/19/20 “The Evolution of Our Faith” by Tammy Martens

06/21/20 “Finding a Way our of No Way” by Ken Pennings

Sermons by lay members and friends

07/24/22 “Rahamim Womb-Love” John Leonard, Professor of Religion at Edgewood College and partner of Ken Pennings.

01/17/2022 “Cities you did not build, wells you did not dig.” Pamela Oliver, lay member and chair, racial justice mission team.

10/24/21 “RE-Spect: Take Another Look!” Helene Nelson, lay member and chair, Heart Room project,

Sermons by other clergy

NOTE: Members of the congregation who are retired clergy provided sermons during Pastor Julia’s three-month maternity leave.

02/12/23 “The Crazy Quilt of white christian nationalism” by Rev. Dr. David Anderman (Member and retired UCC pastor).

02/21/21 “I Seek Room for Peace” by Rev. Kerri Parker (Member and director Wisconsin Council of Churches)

02/14/21 “Sacred Accompaniment” by Rev. Valerie Showalter (Pastor Madison Mennonite Church)

02/07/21 “What says the Whirlwind” by Rev. Sharon Goss, member

01/31/21 “The Grounds for Hangin In” by Rev. David S. Moyer, member

01/24/21 “Showing Up” by Rev. Diane Dulin, member

01/03/21 “Epiphany Sunday” by Rev. Doug Loving, member

12/13/20 “Singing and Moving with Mary’s Song” by Rev. Rex Piercy, member

11/22/20 “Feeding on Justice” by Rev. David Anderman, member

11/15/20 “Where are you, God?” by Rev. Alice Anderman, member