We are a congregational church

There are no bishops or other outside authorities who direct our activities or make decisions for us.

We are a covenantal church

“Believing in the Creator, in the Christ, and in the Holy Spirit: we covenant together in this church to walk in the ways of God known or to be made known to us. As a community of concern, we pledge to worship together, learn together and work together to build loving relationships with all people and to live in healthy balance with all of God’s creation.”

We choose our own pastors

We form a search committee of members. They are assisted by the Wisconsin Council United Church of Christ, but themselves develop a profile of the church and a job description. The committee responds to candidates, interviewing some, and ultimately inviting one to lead worship at ORUCC on a “candidating Sunday”. The congregation then votes on whether to call the candidate.

We meet annually to vote on our officers and budget

We select a Leadership Team consisting of a Moderator, a Moderator-Elect, a Treasurer, a Clerk, and five at-large members. The past Moderator also serves on the Leadership Team, and the pastors are ex officio members. Read the annual reports for 2021 and 2020, which provide summaries of church leadership, activities, and finances.

Five Ministries do much of the church’s work

Ministry of Resources

Ministry of Adult Faith Formation

Ministry of Youth Faith Formation

Ministry of Christian Witness and Service

Ministry of Congregational Life

Pastors and Leadership Team members support the work of each Ministry

Each Ministry is “staffed” by a pastor, and an at-large Leadership Team member is designated a liaison to one of the Ministries.

Mission Teams are formed as needed

These teams focus on particular needs or ongoing programs and report to one of the Ministries. They may consist of just two or three members, or many more. They may have a short duration, or they may persist indefinitely.

Annual Reports

The annual report provides a summary of church leadership, activities, and finances. Past annual reports for 2021 and 2020 are also available.

Church leadership for 2022-23

Leadership Team (3 year terms)

Past Moderator: John Lemke (Feb 2021 thru Jan 2023)
Moderator: Barbara Stretchberry (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2024)
Moderator Elect: Hal Evensen (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2025)
Treasurer: John Day (renewed Feb 2022 thru Jan 2023)
Clerk: Jim McNamara (renewed Feb 2022 thru Jan 2023)
At large members
Sue Dixon (March 2021 thru Jan 2024) – CWS Liaison
Sally Allen (March 2021 thru Jan 2024) – YFF liaison
Chuck Kaspar (Feb 2020 thru Jan 2023) – Resources Liaison
Mary Connor (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2025) AFF Liaison
Kythie Boyd (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2025) – Congregational Life Liaison


All Ministries have two year terms, which can be extended up to two additional years.

Resources Ministry

Chair: Jon Blanchard (Feb 2019 thru Jan 2023)
Matt Dixon (Feb 2019 thru Jan 2023)

Rick Daluge (Feb 2019 thru Jan 2023)
Jarrett Gersten (Feb 2019 thru Jan 2023)

Paul Eggerling-Boeck(Feb 2019 thru Jan 2023)
Joyce Pohl (March 2021 thru Jan 2023)
Darren Schoer (March 2021 thru Jan 2023)
Pete Haskins (March 2021 thru Jan 2023)

Christian Witness and Service

Chair: Ken Psyck (Feb 2021 thru Jan 2023)
Jane Glaze (Feb 2020 thru Jan 2023)

Bruce Olsen (Feb 2020-Jan 2024)
Paul Patenaude (Feb 2019 thru Jan 2023)

Dan Miller (jointly) (Feb 2020-Jan 2024)
Steve Pearson (Mar 2021 thru Jan 2023)

Al Blanchard (Mar 2021 thru Jan 2023)

Julie Horst (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2024)

Sara Hagen (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2024)

Adult Faith Formation

Chair Nathan Bubenzer (Feb 2019 thru Jan 2023)

Pamela Oliver (Feb 2020 thru Jan 2024)
Sharon Goss (Feb 2019 thru Jan 2024)

Jeanne Moberly (Feb 2020 thru Jan 2024)

Ted Drewson (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2024)

Chris Thomas (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2024

Alice Anderman (Feb 2022 thru Jan 2024)

Youth Faith Formation

Chair: Karen Jaehnig (Mar 2021 thru Jan 2023)

Marc Walker (Feb 2019 thru Jan 2023)

Paul Vash (Mar 2021 thru Jan 2023)

Others pending

Congregational Life

Rebecca Erickson (Feb 2020 thru Jan 2024)
Karin Drury (Feb 2020 thru Jan 2024)

Lauren Amburn (Feb 2021-Jan 2023)

Rachel Lancor (Feb 2020 – Jan 2024)
Deb Drewson (Feb 2022 – Jan 2024)

Nominating Committee

Chair: Hal Evensen, Moderator Elect
Others pending: To be approved by the Leadership Team.