What others are saying

We asked some of our members a couple questions, and here’s what they said.

What first attracted you to ORUCC?

Our family first came to ORUCC on the recommendation of a friend.  The Open and Affirming position, the evolving theology, and the strong and active youth program attracted us (and our young family).  We also appreciated the pastors: the connections we were making and their thoughtful sermons.

Harold E.

My husband and I joined Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ because we had been wanting a church that was welcoming to all people.  This was very important to us. We wanted a church that was active in social justice issues.  We felt it was time to expand and nurture our faith journey in a new and different way. 

Jane G.

 We had tried a few churches in the neighborhood but none felt right. We first noticed ORUCC from its signage “…joyfully inclusive…” and thought we’d go to a service to get a feel for the congregation. As soon as we walked in, the atmosphere was immediately welcoming and kind. I remember vividly that during that service’s sermon, pastor Ken presented questions to the congregation and emphasized that there was no one “right” answer. How refreshing!

Paul V.

My husband and I were first attracted to ORUCC because of the messages conveyed in the sermons given by Julia, Ken and Tammy.

Deb D.

What attracted me to Orchard Ridge was the extraordinary unity of spirit that I saw every time folks were together, and the way they unconsciously knew how to love as they interacted with the world. Both were clearly from the heart.

Gary D.

When we got pregnant with our first daughter, we decided we wanted to join a church instead of just attending the one closest to our house. So we attended 14 different churches of all denominations over a period of three months. When we first walked into ORUCC, we immediately felt a sense of community and connection. We were greeted warmly and felt welcome. We loved the mission statement: spiritually alive, joyfully inclusive, committed to justice. And we appreciated the progressive values, focus on music, and that it was open and affirming.

Darcy L.

What keeps you coming to ORUCC?

ORUCC is deeply involved in living out its commitment to openness to all people and to social justice. The opportunity to be a small part of the Southwest Partnership in which ORUCC collaborated with Joining Forces for Families and Commonwealth Development to work alongside neighborhood residents as they sought jobs, housing and transportation to work was both rewarding and eye-opening.

Marv B.

What keeps me coming back is  the quality of the worship services shared with an amazing group of dedicated and talented people.  It is a privilege and joy to be a part of this congregation!

Thea B.

We keep coming back to ORUCC because of its truly caring members and willingness to discuss the controversial topics of religion, climate, social justice, and life & death issues, in depth.  ORUCC is Alive Spiritually with Truly Caring and Loving Members.  ORUCC is a Spiritual Lifeline to Help One Through Today’s World, Week to Week.

Donna L.

I keep coming back to Orchard Ridge because of the flexibility and tolerance that folks here have toward differences in how people view spirituality, both within the congregation and beyond.

Gary D.

We keep coming back to ORUCC because of the friendly, lovely people, because of the justice work that is interwoven in the ministry and outreach of the church, and because of the variety of ways to be involved.

Deb D.

At ORUCC, there are many opportunities to become involved, and amazingly so during a pandemic.  The last two years, we have felt very connected.  The people are the church at Orchard Ridge.

Jane G.

It’s become where we feel comfortable!  Over the years, we have made friends in Orchard Ridge, and our relationships with the pastors have deepened as well.  The hopeful, change-based message is a refreshing counter to society at large.

Harold E.
  • ORUCC Java & Jesus, Jan. 29th, 9 am (In-person or by Zoom)
    Java & Jesus
    Sunday, Jan. 29, at 9 am

    Attend in-person at the church in the
    Alfred Swan Room, or attend remotely
    by Zoom

    Barbie Jackson facilitating

    All are welcome!
    Please join us even if this is your first time!

    This Sunday we will be reflecting on the selection “Living Waters (Down in the River to Pray)” from Daniel Cooperrider’s book Speak with the Earth and It Will Teach You, A Field Guide to the Bible
    The book is organized into four parts, one for each of the creation elements of water, fire, earth, and air. Sunday’s reading is found in Part I – Rivers, and is the third selection connected to the water element. 
    Of interest, ORUCC’s Care of Creation Mission Team is preparing
    for a full book discussion in the spring, with four sessions
    to discuss the four parts of the book.
    Daniel describes his book as a “braided narrative.” He says, “the three most prominent strands that I weave are: 1) Biblical interpretation; 2) Philosophy or literature or science; 3) personal experience of being in nature and being in conversation with the elements of nature.” 

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