Baptism and Communion are the two sacraments recognized by the United Church of Christ. In baptism we believe the invisible signs of God’s love are made visible. Baptism is a beautiful celebration of welcoming an individual into the universal church, or the body of Christ. Children and adults can be baptized, and we use the element of water as an essential element of baptism. 

Water is a prominent symbol of cleansing and new life in the Bible—the water of creation, the great flood, the liberation of Israel through the sea, the water of Mary’s womb, the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, the woman at the well, and Jesus’ washing of the feet of the disciples.

Baptism is by its very nature a communal ritual, where the congregation makes vows to also welcome, to care for, and to walk with the individual in their journey of discipleship. If you want to be baptized or have your child baptized, we invite you to come to worship with us and join our community, so that when we do baptize, it is done grounded in the love of community.