Our programs for children through 5th grade

Nursery care

(Nursery care is currently unavailable due to COVID). Every Sunday nursery care is provided for babies, toddlers and children from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. We have two nursery care providers who provide a loving and safe environment for children. Our nursery care providers have been screened and educated about our Safe Sanctuary policies.

9:00-9:50 am Sunday School

Preschoolers and kindergarten/first grade

The Preschool Sunday School Class uses the curriculum The Worship Center, and the Kindergarten/First Grade Class uses the curriculum Following Jesus, both written by Sonya Stewart. These are exciting programs that help children experience God while learning about God. They use a sensory-motor style of storytelling as a primary means for encountering God, so God is experienced, not just learned about. They give appropriate freedom, so young children can respond to stories of God through continued work with the story figures and art materials. Most of the story figures and materials have been crafted by people from our church.

Second through fifth grades (two classes: 2nd/3rd grade, and 4th/5th grade)

We use a variety of curricula and ideas for the second through fifth graders. The children continue to hear signature stories of the Bible using Godly Play curriculum written by Jeroma Berryman. Another curriculum we use is called The Way of the Child by Wynn McGregor. This curriculum helps children develop their own relationship with God and provides opportunities for them to experience and practice spiritual disciplines to nurture that relationship for a lifetime.

Children receive their very own Bibles in either second or third grade, and learn how to use their Bibles with the hope that the Bible will become their lifelong companion. Using the curriculum Learning to Use My Bible, children experience storytelling and activity stations as ways to learn about the different stories of the Bible, ask questions, and offer their own perspectives. The older children assist the younger children in getting to know their Bibles.

The 4th and 5th graders spend time developing their understanding of faith practices and connecting them to action. They spend a lot of time on hands-on projects including designing an art mural, organizing the Backpack Project (purchasing backpacks and supplies for youth who are homeless,) and creating a board game and then playing that game with elders from our church.