ORUCC Weekly Announcements for May 26


Spiritually Alive, Joyfully Inclusive, Committed to Justice

Our Week at a Glance 05/26/2022

May 29, 2022

10:00 am – Worship

In-person & Live-streamed

Preaching: Diane Dulin

Lay Liturgist: Peg Knueve

 No 9:00 am Sunday School

10:00 am

No Music Connections or Craft/Play time.

 No Java & Jesus until June 5

Memorial Day

Monday, May 30

Office Closed

Women’s Book Group

Thursday, June 2

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Deanna Blanchard


Meditation Group

Friday, June 3

9:00 a m – 10:00 am

Sue Dixon


Pizza & Improv Night–For All Ages!!

Friday, June 3

6:00 pm

Friendship Hall

Volunteers for Camp Awesum Needed

Camp Awesum, our UCC camp for people on the autism spectrum and their families, is looking for volunteers. Experience is not required. Just patience and the ability to adapt to the needs of individuals. Each day during the week is split between working and your own relaxation. The work is extremely satisfying. The goal for all of the staff/volunteers is to provide respite for the parents and an enjoyable time for their families. The following link takes you to the Camp Awesum website. https://ucci.org/camp-awesum/ If you have any questions, contact Jill Westberg at [email protected].

The United Church of Christ Makes an Appeal for Ukraine

Click here to learn how you may contribute

Or visit https://www.ucc.org/global-h-o-p-e/ukraine-emergency-appeal/



for you!

For the week of May 26- June 1

Read this week’s reflections as a way to dive deeper into your spiritual practice or to get some nourishment and inspiration

for your day.

Click here for reflections

We are grateful for the ministry of Jeanne Moberly who is a member of Adult Faith Formation, as she puts together a set of fresh readings every week for our devotional practice at Orchard Ridge UCC. You will see these posted daily if you are part of the “Members & Friends” Facebook group. If you know someone who needs encouragement and would like the devotional mailed to them, please contact Julie Wombacher in the church office.

May Compassion Offering

United Church Camps

Our May compassion offering will go to Wisconsin’s outdoor ministry program (UCCI) which includes 3 camps: Moon Beach in the north woods, Daycholah on Green Lake, and Cedar Valley in southeast Wisconsin. It’s no surprise that the pandemic was hard on the camps. Even this year, in January, we had to cancel our all-church retreat at Daycholah. Despite the major challenges to the camps, the staff has managed to keep them alive with donations and creative options.


Our camps are sacred spaces to many of us at Orchard Ridge and around the state. They serve families, individuals, people with special needs, and people who benefit from scholarships, They are a great asset for building our spiritual lives and strengthening our lives together.


It ’s crucial we keep our camps strong and energized.




You can make a donation by check, on the memo line, please write “compassion” and mail to ORUCC, 1501 Gilbert Road, Madison, WI 53711, or donate online at orucc.org. Click the brown button “Contribute” in the upper right of the home page.

Announcement from Care of Creation and Trudi Jenny


Faith Connections for Climate Action announces our next meeting of faith groups in Dane County. Chris Thomas and Sara Roberts will be presenting at this meeting.


We are looking forward to getting together again as a group of faith-filled folks who are committed to taking action to save Earth for future generations. 


Our second virtual meeting is coming up in 2 weeks on Thursday, June 2 from 7:00-8:30 pm via Zoom. This time we’ll dive deeper into how members of sustainability teams can:  1) talk to others about climate change, 2) educate their faith community, 3) recruit for their green team, 4) advocate for better climate policy, 5) recycle and deal with plastics, or 6) work for environmental justice.


We’ll start with a couple short, uplifting video clips by Katharine Hayhoe, author of Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World. And then we’ll break into 6 groups, starting with a short introduction by an expert in each of the six areas, followed by a half hour of conversation about our various efforts. Come and get new ideas for your team. 


Members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Madison’s Faith Community Engagement Team and the Wisconsin Creation Care Ambassadors are working together to host this free, virtual event. We encourage you to invite members of your team and other interested people to join us. Please register here by May 30.  Questions: email Trudi Jenny, [email protected].


We are excited to continue our dialogue with you in support of all of our efforts to enliven our faith communities to take action to protect our Earth for future generations.


Trudi Jenny for

Faiths Connect for Climate Action

It’s time to do your part 

to get out the vote! 

Join other congregations for training in voter registration and vote canvassing. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Interfaith Voter Engagement Campaign and the League of Women Voters. Canvassing Kick-off Day to be announced soon.  

For questions and signup, contact Ruth Ann Berkholtz at [email protected], and see flyer Thank you!

Friday Breakfast Group June 3


Join us for Friday Breakfast Group June 3 at 8:30 am at Denny’s, 433 S. Gammon Road. The group meets on the first Friday of the month and is open to all, both men and women. It is informal and a chance to connect and converse on many topics. Contact Louise Jeanne, Link for more information.

Improv & Dinner Night — June 3

For All Ages!!

Participate or watch from the sidelines. Come and be absolutely entertained! We will have pizza and vegetables, fruit, and dessert plates at 6:00 p.m. Improv starts at 7:00. Monkey Business Institute of Madison will be leading us in improv. If you can provide a side dish and/or help with set-up and clean-up, please go to: www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0844a5ad22abf49-improv

Women’s Book Group

The Women’s Book Group will meet by Zoom Thursday, June 2, 2022 from 1:30-3:00 p.m. This month’s book discussion will be led by Ruth Ann Berkholtz. We will be discussing The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict.

We welcome all women to join us, whether or not you’ve had time to read the book this month! Our sharing of ideas is always fun and interesting! Please let Deanna Blanchard know if you would like to be added to the email list.  The Zoom link is emailed one week in advance.  [email protected] or 608-712-0263. 

Piano Music

Sunday, June 12 @ 1:30

Vicki Nonn has been working on piano pieces during the “COVID” season and  would love to grace the congregation with her music.   If you have a little time on Sunday, June 12 at 1:30, please drop by and share this wonderful gift she has to offer us.  

Yoga at ORUCC with Leslie Linser

I have been practicing yoga for the last 8 years and recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training. I am very excited to offer yoga classes at ORUCC.  My goal is to offer a yoga class grounded in spirituality.  This means there will be space for prayer and meditation while moving with the breath.

What is Yoga?

For people who are not familiar with yoga, it is a practice that involves different movements and postures that are coordinated with the breath.  The original practice of yoga involved the challenge of stilling the mind by focusing on the breath with very little or no movement.  It has evolved to include postures, called asanas, and movement.  Indeed, there are many types of yoga, but the primary purpose continues to be a mental exercise as well as a physical one.

Is This Right For Me?

The style of yoga being offered is best described as a gentle, slow flow.  And while this will be slow and gentle it will require the ability to get on and off a mat (the floor).  If one is able to get on and off the mat then most poses can be modified to fit your abilities.  It is important that you know your own abilities and limitations and consult your physician if you are unsure if this is right for you. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in yoga practice, this class is intended to support you in engaging in gentle movements and in entering into a space of quiet and meditation that all can experience.  And if you are an experienced practitioner there will be space and opportunities for more challenging poses.

When, Where and What

  • The class will be offered every Sunday in June beginning at 8:45am and lasting about 50 minutes 
  • We will use the outdoor space north of the worship hall, on the concrete slab, now called the patio. An alternative indoor option will be provided in the case of inclement weather
  • You will need to bring a mat and a firm blanket to provide extra padding if you wish.
  • There is no cost to participate in this ORUCC-sponsored activity. However, donations will be accepted 
  • After the June classes I will evaluate the degree of interest and determine whether to continue to offer a class throughout the year.

If you have questions please email me at [email protected]

From the Immigration Justice Team

Spring Cleaning?

Save those clothes for the Casa Alitas Clothing Drive in August!

We’ll begin receiving donations after August 8!

Save the date!

Celebration of Tammy Martens’ Ministry

August 6, 2022

Stay tuned for more details and times.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact

Ann Evensen [email protected]  cell 608 628 4280 

Barbara Stretchberry [email protected]  cell 608-239-6669

Kellie Miller [email protected]   cell 608 852-7578

News for Covid Response Team

The COVID Response Team met Sunday, May 1, and once again considered current trends in the region and discussed the evolving types of data now available to us.


We continue to recommend that masks be required during worship, in order to extend the broadest welcome to all. For small groups that use the church outside of the worship service, they may continue to work with the pastors to make the best determination for their group.


We are starting to digest the new COVID metrics that have become publicly available, and to consider how they might guide our decision-making in the future. 

While the recommendations continue to evolve, we reiterate that by wearing even a non-fitted N95 mask – freely available outside Worship Hall – the wearer essentially ensures that nobody can be considered a “close contact” during worship. (It would take hours of continuous exposure to an unmasked individual for this to be the case!) This frees us from the need to be concerned with “contact tracing,” etc. if any of our friends test positive for COVID — although we do appreciate being able to pray for them during Joys & Concerns. Please keep telling us when you test positive for COVID after being in worship or at a church function.

AT ORUCC, the Members are the Ministers!

We are seeking a whole new team of volunteers to serve in 2022 on Sunday mornings for in-person worship. You need not be a member, simply a person who loves ORUCC and is eager to find a place to serve!

Would you consider serving one or more times as a Lay Liturgist, a Welcomer, or for Holy Communion?

Feel free to sign up as an individual, a couple, or a family!

Click here to sign up as a Welcomer

Click here to sign up as a Lay Liturgist

Click here to sign up as a Coffee-Maker

Click here to assist with Holy Communion

Questions? Contact Ken Pennings at [email protected] or 608-556-2371.

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All pastors (try to) take Monday & Saturday as Sabbath days.

Friday is observed as a writing day for the preaching pastor.

In case of a pastoral emergency, please call any of the pastors, as all pastors are available by phone, text and we will always have a pastor on call who we can turn to.

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