4/23 Music Connections

This Sunday, the children will move directly from Sunday School to Music Connections. K-5 families, I will assist with the transition since we are moving from the family labyrinth walk to music. Middle School Youth are invited to wait for me in Friendship Hall. Any middle schoolers participating in the “how to get to our blog” presentation are welcome to join us after that segment in the service. 

Once together, we will rehearse our ukulele songs for the TruFunction performance downstairs in the Bonhoeffer Room. Once we are warmed up, we will move to the upstairs Music Room to rehearse with TruFunction. After service, you will either find us there, the Bridges Room, or back downstairs.  Jen Walker will be our Music Connections Volunteer. 
Next week, the children and youth will stay in service for our performance with TruFunction. Music Connections will not be offered that day. 

Julie Mazer (she/her)

Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Children's Education Coordinator
Children's Music Director