ORUCC Worship Resources for November 27 Advent 1

Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Advent Worship Resources 11.27.2022

Join us for Advent 1
Sunday Nov. 27th
Ken Pennings preaches on “The Birthing of a Universe”
Special Music: TRU Function
Lay Liturgist: Jill Westberg
Join our Worship virtually
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10 am:
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9am Families are invited to make live greens Advent wreaths with Pastor Julia instead of Sunday School!
We have the makings for 25 DIY Advent Wreaths with live greens and Hygge weekly Advent Devotionals. Join Pastor Julia in Friendship Hall for making our own wreaths.
NO Nursery Care this week. Children under age five are invited to enjoy the nursery alongside their parents. Please tidy-up the room before leaving.
NO Sunday School for Kindergarten-5th grade. Instead, join Julia Burkey in Friendship Hall for our 2nd annual Advent Wreath making event! All supplies will be provided for one wreath per family. Though, if you have your wreath mold from last year, please bring it with you.
December 4-18, the children will learn the classic Advent stories and make holiday cards for our elders. Stay tuned for more details next week.

Java & Jesus
Sunday, Nov. 27th, at 9 am
Attend in-person at the church in the
Alfred Swan Room, or attend remotely
by Zoom
Jim McNamara facilitating
All are welcome!
Please join us even if this is your first time!
In keeping with the Advent preaching theme of “The Stars, Christ Child and Cosmos in Conversation,” we will be exploring our sense of wonder and awe at our place in this incredible creation. How did all this beauty and chaos come to be? What is our purpose in it?
As Christians we are called to measure our lives by the example given by Jesus the Christ. How does the story of Jesus inform us in our response to the constant revelation of new wonders revealed by scientific research? Do the birth stories of the Bible still have meaning in this era? Do new astronomical discoveries diminish the awe and wonder that we felt as children when we heard of the angel’s message or does it burnish an already beautiful story with even greater awe and thanksgiving?
Advent is the season of preparation for the arrival of the Messiah. Let’s start our preparation by reading the birth stories in Matthew and Luke as found in the NRSV translation. How did something so ordinary as the birth of a child become the story of hope and awe that we have today? How does light play a role in the stories? In the same way, how could an event such as the “Big Bang” result in the universe we see in the James Webb telescope pictures?
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November Compassion Offering
Our 3 Neighborhood Schools–Anana Elementary, Orchard Ridge Elementary & Toki Middle School
Our 3 neighborhood schools – Anana Elementary, Orchard Ridge Elementary, and Toki Middle School — are always in need of our support. And this is especially true in 2022, when budgets are tight and when so many families living in southwest Madison are stretched financially.  
As you’ll see from this short video, each school is planning to make use of our compassion offering in different ways. These range from funding basic supplies, to providing students with winter clothing, to paying for yearbooks so no child is left without one, and to beautifying a stage so students and staff can take pride in their facility. 
We invite you to please give generously and give what you can in support of our neighborhood schools. Thank you Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ for your timely and generous support!
You can make a donation by check, on the memo line, please write “compassion” and mail to ORUCC, 1501 Gilbert Road, Madison, WI 53711, or donate online at orucc.org. Click the brown button “Contribute” in the upper right of the home page or click this LINK.

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