ORUCC Worship Resources for May 22nd 10am & 2pm

Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Worship Resources
10:00 am Worship
2:00 pm Installation

Mary Magdalene Icon by R. Lenz

You are invited to worship with us
in-person or virtually!
Sunday May 22, 2022
New Members gather at 9am
and join ORUCC as members in service!
Worship 10:00 am
Sermon: Intimacy with Jesus
Preaching: Julia Burkey
Lay Liturgist: Ken Psyck
This is the third of three sermons focused on non-canonical texts from the early Jesus following movement, to help us understand the diversity of belief and also recover some of the inclusion of female leadership and the divine feminine that became suppressed within Christianity. The first week we heard from The Acts of Paul and Thecla, last Sunday we heard The Thunder: Perfect mind, and this Sunday May 22nd we will hear from the Gospel of Mary. We don’t need to go outside of our Bible to find empowering stories from women and those on the margins. Yet reading these non-canonical texts alongside the Bible may help us discover fresh spiritual resources.

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Installation Service for Rev. Dr. Julia Burkey as Senior Pastor of ORUCC
You are invited to worship with us
in-person or virtually!
Sunday May 22, 2022
Worship 2:00 pm
followed by a reception hosted
by our Catering Mission Team
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Compassion Offering for 2pm Installation
We are excited and grateful to accept a Compassion Offering at the installation, dedicated to Heart Room, a ministry of ORUCC and area partners to find housing and support the needs of local families, which helps create housing justice locally.
The Wisconsin Conference has a tradition of collecting an offering for the Seminary fund at installations, and they are asking for us to split this offering, which we will happily do. Here is more information about the seminary fund and a way to donate online:
Isaiah heard God ask, “Whom shall I send?” And Isaiah responded, “Send me, Lord.” We rejoice for all the women and men who answer God’s call just like Isaiah. 
Many who want to respond to God’s call to ministry struggle with the rising costs of theological education. We can help support new and emerging leaders in the church by providing scholarship aid to Members in Discernment (MID) in our conference. 
Gifts at the time of a pastor’s ordination and installation allow the conference to provide scholarships. We celebrate your new pastor today. And we make sure there will be a next pastor to serve your congregation just as faithfully.
Conference scholarships, along with financial aid from the seminaries and the students’ personal funds, provide crucial support to financing the theological education and preparation of persons who will serve in ministry. In any given year there are 30 to 40 Seminary Members in Discernment from our Conference. Your generosity ensures we can continue to provide scholarship. 
Gifts can be made online at: http://bit.ly/wcuccMIDfund

9:00 am — Sunday School
For Kindergarten through 8th grade
Elementary kids will be planting in Kids’ Garden
10:00 am
Music Connections & Craft/Play time.
Children and youth are invited to 10:00 worship & after the Children’s moment will be invited to Music Connections
(for 2nd graders and older)
or Craft/Play time (preschool–first grade).

May Compassion Offering for 10am Service
Our May compassion offering will go to Wisconsin’s outdoor ministry program (UCCI) which includes 3 camps: Moon Beach in the north woods, Daycholah on Green Lake, and Cedar Valley in southeast Wisconsin. It’s no surprise that the pandemic was hard on the camps. Even this year, in January, we had to cancel our all-church retreat at Daycholah. Despite the major challenges to the camps, the staff has managed to keep them alive with donations and creative options.
Our camps are sacred spaces to many of us at Orchard Ridge and around the state. They serve families, individuals, people with special needs, and people who benefit from scholarships, They are a great asset for building our spiritual lives and strengthening our lives together.
It ’s crucial we keep our camps strong and energized.
You can make a donation by check, on the memo line, please write “compassion” and mail to ORUCC, 1501 Gilbert Road, Madison, WI 53711, or donate online at orucc.org. Click the brown button “Contribute” in the upper right of the home page.

The United Church of Christ Makes an Appeal for Ukraine

Office Manager Julie Wombacher available Mon.-Thurs. 8:30am -12:30 pm
608-271-7212 or EMAIL
Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Julia Burkey available
Tues.- Fri. & Sun. 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
by appointment
518-542-6915 EMAIL
Associate Pastor Rev. Tammy Martens: available
Tues.- Fri. 10:00 am -4:00 pm by appointment
608-957-3184 or EMAIL
Associate Pastor Rev. Ken Pennings: available
Tues.-Thurs. 10:00 am -5:00 pm by appointment
608-556-2371 EMAIL
All pastors (try to) take Monday & Saturday as Sabbath days.
Friday is observed as a writing day for the preaching pastor. In case of pastoral emergency, any of the pastors can be reached by cell phone.
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