ORUCC Faithful Action for Justice


Faithful Action for Justice

Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ

May 2023

Faithful Action for Justice provides announcements and information from ORUCC’s Justice missions (Care of Creation, Immigration Justice, Heart Room, Racial Justice, Christian Witness and Service, Palestinian Justice).

Nobody can do everything. Saying yes to some things requires saying no to others. Our health and obligations limit us. As you read, briefly celebrate and pray for people doing something you will not join. As you feel called, reach out to a project’s contact person to learn more, and consider joining or click on links to read more.

Our justice mission teams provide information on issues that may be controversial, speaking to the congregation but not for the congregation.

News From Our Mission Teams

From Racial Justice

white christian nationalism class a success

Over 65 people participated in our nine-week class taught by Rev. Dr. David Anderman on white christian nationalism, including friends from five other congregations.

For many participants, issues related to white christian nationalism are personal. Our discussions were lively, sometimes heated (in good ways), informative, and productive. By the end of the class, we were able to recognize more quickly the underlying white christian nationalist ideology of many current political issues, and to see ways in which the Bible and traditional Christian symbols are mis-used to led legitimacy to unchristian actions.

While we discussed Heyward’s various ‘calls to action,’ we left hanging the question of how ORUCC might respond to these issues. Look for more to come as our class discussions feed indirectly now into the ongoing life of the church.

A longer discussion from David Anderman is here.

From Christian Witness and Service

Our Compassion Offerings make a difference!


ORUCC’s February Compassion Offering gave $2337 to Worker Justice Wisconsin, a local organization that advances justice in our community by building collective worker power together with Faith and Labor allies. WJW executive director Rebecca Meier-Rao and program director Robert Christl designated ORUCC as a Community Partner sponsor, invited representatives to its annual Faith Labor Breakfast on May 4 and sent this letter:  


We would like to thank you and all of Orchard Ridge for their very generous contribution to the solidarity fund. The amount your congregation raised is impressive, and it will go a long way toward empowering rank-and-file workers to organize and make positive changes in their workplaces. Again, thank you all so, so much.

The March Compassion Offering raised $4234 for One Great Hour of Sharing, an ecumenical offering sponsored in Lent by the United Church of Christ which provides humanitarian and disaster relief in the United States and around the world. The UCC works in partnership with churches and organizations through Global Ministries and worldwide response and recovery networks to assist refugees and victims of natural and man-made disasters. 


Thank you to all members of our congregation for your generous contributions! You are encouraged to participate in the process of identifying potential recipients of the Compassion Offering. If you and another member have an idea, please fill out this form Compassion Offering Request Form and the Ministry of Christian Witness & Service will review and consider at one of our monthly meetings. 


Opportunities for Action or Service

Casa Alitas 2023 clothing drive

As you transition your closet from winter to summer, the Immigration Justice Team invites you to think twice before you head to the thrift store with those secondary winter clothes. Please save them for the Casa Alitas clothing drive. Casa Alitas is a welcome center in Tucson that provides a warm welcome, clothing, food, and shelter for people enroute to a sponsor and new home in the United States.

Our team will be collecting clothes for Casa Alitas the first two weeks of July, with delivery planned for the third week of July. We will be collecting both winter and summer clothes, also shoes. 

Please help us provide clothing for the increasing numbers of people seeking asylum at our southern border. Thank you!

Learn About Justice Issues

Palestine Justice

Meet, Greet and Learn: An intimate interview with Rev. Don Wagner

Join us for an interview with a remarkable pastor, justice advocate, and friend, Rev. Don Wagner on the release of his autobiography, “Glory to God in the Lowest! Journeys to an Unholy Land.” Wagner’s experience in the Middle East transformed him from “an apathetic, conservative evangelical Christian” to an energetic and courageous advocate of justice for Palestinians in the Occupied Territory, inside Israel and in far-flung exile. Of special interest to some in our congregation, Wagner’s journey from Christian Zionism to a truer perspective on the Holy Land reflects our journey of discovery as we study White Christian Nationalism.

Leopold’s Books Bar Caffé

1301 Regent Street, Madison, WI 

Thursday, May 25 

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Free. Registration is requested (click here): Don Wagner presentation

Tom Beilman and Diane Dulin 

From WCC and Immigration Justice

Wisconsin Legislature Considers Changes for Sweeping Changes to Wisconsin Public Benefits

On April 4, Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly passed a referendum asking if able-bodied adults without dependent children should be required to work in order to receive public benefits. Passage of the referendum has prompted the Wisconsin legislature to put in motion several bills that, if passed, will make sweeping changes to FoodShare, BadgerCare, and Unemployment Insurance to thousands of Wisconsinites.

One bill will make someone ineligible for FoodShare or BadgerCare for six months if they voluntarily leave a job. We all know that there are times when leaving a job is necessary. But what if leaving a job means that you will no longer have access to FoodShare benefits?

Another bill will prohibit automatic renewal of BadgerCare and require recipients to re-apply every six months. Currently, people are required to go through a process of application once a year.

Furthermore, recipients will be terminated from BadgerCare for six months if they fail to report any change to their status, i.e., if they change jobs and perhaps make a bit more money.

In a related bill, legislation will require the Department of Workforce Development to audit 50% of job searches. And another bill will require employers to report if someone declined a job offer.

It is easy to imagine the impact that potential passage of these bills would have on the health and well being of thousands of people in our State. To learn more, please click on this Action Alert from the Wisconsin Council of Churches https://www.wichurches.org/2023/04/injusticeinaction/

Thank you.

From MOSES and Racial Justice

Thursday May 18. 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Free event with dinner. “Let Justice Roll Down Like a River: Who Will Defend You?” Kelli Thompson, Wisconsin’s State Public Defender, will speak about the work of public defenders and the increasing need for more public defenders. On the East side at Lake Edge Lutheran Church 4022 Hegg Avenue. Advance registration required by May 8, childcare available, catering by Melly Mel’s. A free will offering will benefit MOSES. The event is supported by a grant from the Ecumenical Housing Fund through the Madison Community Foundation.

Directions to Lake Edge Lutheran: From Monona Dr. turn onto Lake Edge Blvd., then turn left on Hegg Ave. into the church parking lot.

MOSES Supports Funding for Jail Consolidation and Criminal Legal System Reforms

MOSES delivered this letter of support to Dane County Supervisors and the Sheriff on April 20. The letter urged the County Board to approve the additional funding that would allow the Jail Consolidation Project to proceed and to strongly support the many reforms needed to increase justice in the criminal legal system. The Board approved the funding on April 20. MOSES has advocated for change in the criminal legal system throughout the years of debate about the jail and most recently was deeply engaged with the Board’s Black Caucus as they negotiated for the best attainable solution that would create a more humane and rehabilitative facility while also enacting reforms to help keep people out of jail. We are pleased these changes can now proceed. Please contact Pam Oliver or Barbie Jackson if you would like to learn more about MOSES position on the jail and reforms.

MOSES Welcomes New Community Organizer, James Morgan

MOSES is happy to announce the hiring of James Morgan to be our new community organizer, beginning on April 28. James comes to MOSES with a wealth of lived experience and skills in community outreach, team building, policy development, and leadership. Most recently he worked with JustDane as a peer advisor. He has served MOSES as a volunteer in many capacities since its founding in 2013. James looks forward to connecting with MOSES member congregations, including ORUCC in the coming months.

WISDOM’s Madison Action Day – A Huge Success

Hundreds of people from across the state congregated at the Masonic Temple, marched on the State Capitol, and met in all legislative offices on April 27th. Entertainment was provided by the Raging Grannies, organized by ORUCC member Donna Lillethun!

WISDOM is a statewide faith-based justice advocacy group. MOSES is a local chapter of WISDOM. You can see the range of issues addressed around the state in Building the Beloved Community: WISDOM Priorities 2023-25 BookletLook for this booklet on the table in the ORUCC Crossroads for information about advocacy work or simply browse it online.

MOSES general meetings are the first Sunday of the month 2:30-4:30 with a social time before the meeting 2-2:30. Next meeting is May 7 at Madison Christian Community 7118 Old Sauk Road (park in the lot at the top of the hill) or on Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81036805998 (this is the same recurring link as always) Meeting ID: 810 3680 5998 Agenda is always available in advance. New attendees are always welcome. General meetings feature racial equity discussions, informational presentations about local issues, and short presentations from MOSES working groups.

About our Missions

Interested? Reach out to learn more about our justice teams and projects. Our mission teams welcome your time, talent and energy!

In addition, our Christian Witness and Service ministry connects members to a variety of opportunities to support justice activities (chair:LuAnn Greiner)

Let us love and care for ourselves and each other as we work together for justice and mercy.