May 21 Sunday School and Music – And other upcoming things to know

This week: 

Nursery Care opens at 8:30. Marcia Beckett and Amalia Sherrill are ready to play with your little one. Please note: 5/21 is the LAST Sunday for Nursery Care until September. 
9am Sunday School: This Sunday, we'll gather in the Bridges Room for some singing and then move to the Johnson Room next door to rehearse a drumming piece that we will play during worship. Anyone in K-8 is invited to join us! This is a very easy piece that everyone should be able to pick up quickly. Jadyn and Josie Gilbert will assist the children and Bethany Schultz will be with us to play the melody on her clarinet! 
This piece, “Many and Great,” will be played early in the service. When the children are released, they will move to the garden with Rachael Lancor to start planting! Hint: send your child in their “grubbies” this week! After worship, the children are invited to stay in the garden to work or find other outdoor tasks. (This Sunday is Work and Worship). 
May 28: No Nursery Care, Sunday School, or Children's Programming
June 4: Last Day Celebration Sundae Sunday! Weather permitting, 9am Sunday School will meet outdoors. During worship, we'll celebrate the many successes of the 2022-23 youth programming year and say Thank You to all of our Sunday School Guides and other youth leaders. Children will stay in worship that day. Following worship, we'll celebrate with Ice Cream Sundaes! 
Summer Programming: Though we will not have scheduled Sunday School or Music Connections, there will be opportunities for the children to work in the garden during worship for our yearly, “Kids in the Garden” program. Rachael Lancor will oversee this fantastic program. 

Julie Mazer (she/her)

Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Children's Education Coordinator
Children's Music Director