5/19 Sunday School

This week…

8:30 Supported Childcare: Jade will be available to assist families with young children in The Crossroads. 

All children (PreK-5) will gather at 9 am in the Ruby Bridges Room for a special Pentecost lesson with Joanna, Diane, and Julie. Following the story, the children will have opportunities to engage in sand play, collage, and watercolor painting. We'll end with a Pentecost Guided Meditation. 

After Sunday School, we'll support our Confirmed Youth in worship. Children will stay in service with you to witness this honored tradition. 

Caregivers, have you filled out our Children and Youth Programming Review?
No Sunday School 5/26.
June 2: Rachel and Julie will offer a preview of Kids in the Garden at 9 am. During worship at 10 am, we'll celebrate our programming year and recognize our graduates. Ice Cream Sundaes to follow the service!

Julie Mazer (she/her)

Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Children's Education Coordinator
Children's Music Director