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Update from Transition Team & Search Team

(submitted by Tammy Martens)


The Transition Team includes Karen Jaehnig, Paul Vash, Rachael Lancor, Marc Walker, Julia Burkey and Tammy Martens. One of the goals of this team is to set up contingency plans if there is not a person in place before Tammy leaves. And even if a person is in place, there most likely would be need for extra support as that person begins her/her ministry here. This is a summary of what we covered in our March meeting:

  • Julie Mazer is interested in serving as interim administrator to the 9:00 Sunday programming—getting communication out to parents, setting up SS rooms, supporting teachers, etc. Julia, Julie and Tammy will continue to explore this idea.

  • The point was raised that because Tammy is leaving in August, there may be people/families who will not be able to attend her going away celebration because they will be out of town. It was decided to have a fun celebratory weekend June 3-5. June 5th is the last Sunday of our 9:00 programming year for children and youth. Our church has contracted with Monkey Business Institute here in Madison—an improv group—and we are set for a night of improv on Friday, June 3. The transition team will decide on what we should do for a meal before improv.

  • We are going ahead with “Kids in the Garden” program this summer. Rachael Lancor has agreed to organize and oversee the program. She will recruit a few other volunteers. This program is offered for kids and youth during 10:00 worship every Sunday in the summer starting June 12.

  • The team also discussed the need for a point person(s) to be a on a mission trip team. Tammy is working on this.

  • Tammy and Julia will begin working on a covenant that will help to define Tammy’s relationship with the church after she departs as Associate Pastor.

It is also important to share that Rob Martens will continue as Tru Function director after Tammy’s departure.

The Search Team includes Nancy Wettersten (chair), Suzanne Olajos, Jerry Hagen, Susan Watson, Kristin Muckian, and two youth—Josie Gasser and Josie Gilbert.


The Search Team submitted the ORUCC profile to the Wisconsin Conference and that is now posted. Go to this link to read the Associate Pastor opening description. When you get to that page you can click on “Download More Information” to read our church’s profile.

The Search Team is reviewing profiles and will have their first Zoom interview this month. They hope to give a further update soon.

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