January Compassion Offering: Ethical Trade Company

Ethical Trade Co was founded in 2015 after our founders witnessed firsthand exploitation and human trafficking affecting people in southeast Asia. We met companies there that offered ethical employment opportunities to the people in their communities to prevent further exploitation. Feeling inspired, we set out to provide a marketplace for the products they were making so that they could offer ethical employment to even more people. Today our work financially empowers formerly exploited people in more than 25 countries.

As we sell items or receive donations into our general fund we are able to purchase more products which uphold the vision of empowering artisans by paying them a livable wage for their labor so that they are able to break free from exploitation and trafficking.

Any funds received through the Compassion Offering will be used to cover overhead costs to fulfill our mission to empower and support artisans around the world to break free from exploitation and extortion, as well as buying more products from our artisans to keep the circle of empowerment strong. Thank you for your generous support!

You can make a donation by check, on the memo line, please write “compassion” and mail to ORUCC, 1501 Gilbert Road, Madison, WI 53711, or donate online from our website. The link is https://orucc.org/contribute/support/